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I Noticed His Work

Ever since I was a young boy, I always observed others in their occupations. Even though I was only about 5 years old when I started doing that, those observations could be quite revealing—usually to the good, and probably in a few cases to the bad….. I would notice things like whether or not a […]

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I Sure Enjoyed That Special Time With You

I want to tell you about something amazing that happened to me in the summer of 2016. And yet, for those of us who call ourselves Christians….. the story I’ll tell you about should probably be routine—NOT amazing. But let me back-up two more years, to build up to my story….. When my wife Laura […]

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A Simple Country Christmas

Families tend to develop traditions as to how they spend Christmas and surprisingly those ‘patterns’ can remain for quite a number of years. Growing up in a large family, we had traditions at Christmas that many of us still talk about today. Perhaps your family has routines or traditions that repeat every year as well. […]

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Joy… Peace… Hope…..Where?

Just this past week I was standing in the checkout lane at a large supermarket. There were two women in front of me loudly talking with each other about what I would describe as “the horrors of Christmas”! They were first talking about the presents they had bought for their children thus far, and both […]

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Childhood Daydreams

Did you attend Kindergarten? I know many did, some didn’t and simply started school in the first grade. Some had half-day Kindergarten, but I remember well that I had full-day Kindergarten, starting just shortly after I turned five years old. I also remember that most of Kindergarten was okay….. although there was one part of […]

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The Hardest Part Of Faith Is…..

We sure have become an “instant society.” There has been a technology ‘explosion’ going on for awhile now, and some say we will be amazed where it leads! But have you noticed as I have, as things like instant messaging and other technologies that allow people to accomplish more faster than ever, many say they […]

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In Everything…..

Once again we made it to Thanksgiving week! I know many would say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday of the whole year….. family, friends, food, football! And don’t forget the day after Thanksgiving! Personally, I try to never go to any store on that day….. I know that millions of people love it….. I guess….. but […]

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Dormant ….. Or Dead?

It seems like many people say fall is their favorite season of the year! I am not part of that group. I am all about SPRING! (In case anyone was wondering, as of today, it is only 126 days until spring!) Part of the reason I don’t like fall is, I don’t enjoy the darkness and short […]

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