Sing Me Back Home

Like the music from this video?

It’s from the album “Thirty-Three” below. Click the play button to preview some of the other songs.

  1. The Well 1:00
  2. I Remember You 1:00
  3. Sing Me Back Home 1:00
  4. Water Grave 1:00
  5. Lead Me Home 1:00
  6. When God Ran 1:00
  7. I've Come To Take You Home 1:00
  8. Stronger For It 1:00
  9. On The Other Side 1:00
  10. Amazing Grace 1:00

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  • your the best gospel song writer and singer and your my brother in christ, i will purchace this after the third when my check comes in god has sure blessed your voice and heart, love your songs of praise,, jim

  • Larry Newman says:

    I thank God for men who use there God giving talent to bring praise and worship to God name as You and our Brother Del Way does. Love you in the Lord and your music.

  • Jaimie-lee says:

    Wade ur definitely #1 no one else comes close.God bless u always

  • Lewis hodge says:

    WDe you have a beautiful God given voice

  • Bonnie Carpenter says:

    Love your voice. Where have you been hiding? I love music. It is my life…

  • Patricia a hayes says:

    Can I find your cd at wallmart?

  • She sadler says:

    So glad I ran across your videos this morning. Never had heard you. Most wonderful voice. I sooo love your music!!

  • Libby Stover says:

    How do I get the song ,a heart that will never break again.

  • tim trail says:

    I have always loved all of the spencer family members, thank God for you

  • Barbara Hodges says:

    Love this music so much

  • Love your music Wade God Bless You

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