In Everything…

Once again we made it to Thanksgiving week! Many people say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday of the whole year……But I think it will be a little (or a lot) different for most of us this year…..because of COVID. I remember some wonderful childhood Thanksgivings. We would have an informal church service in the … Read more

Go Back, Find The Blood

Deer season opened a couple of weeks ago in this part of the country. I know several people who get very excited for every phase – Bow, Gun and Black Powder – and they hunt in all three if possible! I have nothing against deer hunting, in fact I feel it’s necessary to help control … Read more

What Hair?

One of my childhood memories is the family dinner table. My father tried to have the family seated together at the supper table—even though that meant our meal was close to 7 PM because of my father’s store closing at 6 most nights, (Monday and Friday it closed at 9!) But we always had the … Read more

Yeah, But…..

It’s fun sometimes to see the videos of three year olds that raided mom’s make-up and have it “painted” all over their face! When asked if they got into mom’s make-up, many times they say “noooooo”! So often they just go for the “big lie”, even though they are covered with the evidence! I guess … Read more


A very popular TV show of the 1960’s and still doing well in reruns to this day is The Andy Griffith Show. Many agree that the antics of Deputy Barney Fife are what made the show such a success. He had such unique mannerisms and expressions, that for simply the humor and entertainment factor I … Read more

Saving Time

This past weekend was the annual return to Daylight Savings Time. As usual, I heard some who were talking about how they were “going to be messed up for days because of losing that hour of sleep”. Some here in northern Indiana always talk about wishing we could go back to never moving our clocks … Read more

What’s Your Hurry?

Shortly after I had turned 16 years old, I tested for and received my drivers license. Then almost immediately, my father had plans for me to drive his truck to Syracuse (NY) at times—not just to give him a break (he loved being in the city and dealing with all the vendors)—but mostly because he … Read more

Life’s Too Short (It Really Is)

I saw part of a late night infomercial promoting a product that was supposed to cure most any common disease, and just might allow you to live to be 120 years old! Then a vibrant, physically fit young woman started telling how she’s been taking this product and giving it to her two children. She … Read more

They’re Back!

Something happens on the last week of February every year right here in northern Indiana. I’ve kept track of it for over thirty years and it’s never missed. What is the event? It’s the return of the Red-Winged Blackbird!….. Okay, so maybe you’re not a huge fan of spring, or love to explore the woods … Read more

Life Lessons

Hopefully, you’ve had some memorable Life Lessons along this journey that have helped you make some good choices in life! Sometimes these Lessons can come suddenly when we see-or hear of someone who did not make a good choice, and a little voice inside us says: “note to self: don’t ever do that!” One of my first positive Life lesson tidbits  that stayed with … Read more