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A very popular TV show of the 1960’s and still doing well in reruns to this day is The Andy Griffith Show.

Many agree that the antics of Deputy Barney Fife are what made the show such a success. He had such unique mannerisms and expressions, that for simply the humor and entertainment factor I have to agree-because it’s still hard to watch him and not laugh!

But I think the real hidden power of the show, the thing that continues to make people feel good, is the main character…..Sheriff Andy Taylor. He is constantly making Barney “look better” at his job as Deputy, and he does just about the same thing for everyone in the whole town of Mayberry. His constant “calm in control”demeanor just seems to keep everything and everyone running smoothly.

So what was his secret? I have no idea if the writers put traits into the part he was playing or if a lot of it was natural, but Andy was demonstrating a man with a satisfied mind. In fact, in one episode “The Class Reunion” he reveals his satisfied mind.

The setting was, his old high school girlfriend comes to the reunion, she’s been “climbing the business ladder”in Chicago. They get to talking and wondering why nothing ever “worked out” with them as a couple. Then she starts talking about how she has to get back to Chicago and business, and she challenges Andy to try something different “to live up to his potential”. Andy says, “I’ve found what I want”, she says, “how do you know? You never tried anything else.” Andy said, “I don’t have to, and even if I did, I’d find out I already found it.”

That’s a statement from a man with a satisfied mind, which is another way of saying he has found contentment.

In the 1950’s Red Hayes and Jack Rhodes wrote a song called “A Satisfied Mind”. Red said everything in the song are things he had heard his mother say over the years. He got the title from his father-in-law because one day he asked Red who the richest man in the world was, and Red started naming some possibilities. His father-in-law said “you’re wrong, it is the man with a satisfied mind.” The song has a lot of meaning and is still being recorded by people today!
(To see and hear a good current version look up “Wade Spencer Satisfied Mind”)

In Philippians 4:11 The Apostle Paul said, “for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances”. God used different types of suffering in Paul’s life to help him learn to be content in ALL of his circumstances.

Hmmm…..As I really reflect on Philippians 4:11 and what Paul was trying to tell us, how are we doing in the “contentment department” as this Coronavirus shutdown continues? Are we using this time to try and learn how to be content WHATEVER the circumstances? Or…..are we starting to grumble and complain and say things like “I can’t live this way, I just want to go here or there and do this or that!” ….. for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances….. I suppose it is the word “whatever” that just doesn’t give me a pass on these last several weeks.

So….. as I reflect on this verse about contentment, I can say that even though I have really missed the time with family and friends, I am still richly blessed, I have so much to be thankful for….. and I have a satisfied mind.

I hope and pray that you do also, because If you have contentment, you have everything.

Till Next Time…..

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Steve Nauman

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