Our Sponsors, Products, and Services We Use

Old Town Canoe And Kayak Company

Life’s Highway TV is sponsored by Old Town Kayak and Canoe Company.

We feature Old Towns’ Predator XL Minn Kota fishing kayak on our kayak fishing episodes.

Old Town is at the top of their game in kayaks and canoes and we are proud to use their products!



When I received my new fishing kayak from Old Town, I immediately contacted Yak Gear to see if they wanted to rig it out for us here at Life’s Highway TV.

They said Yes and I was so pleased because their gear is top of the line!


MAS Products

Steve Nauman’s company, MAS Products has been a long time sponsor of Life’s Highway TV and our music ministry.

A Christian company that plays gospel music throughout their factory every day!

This great company is known for their Rotational Molding Inserts, used in the roto-mold industry.


Whitetail Connection

A personal friend of mine, Clifford Martin with Whitetail Connection is the best whitetail hunter I know.

I call him the trail camera guru! He’s one of those guys who “thinks” like a big whitetail buck!

Clifford has great farm leases available for you to lease and hunt on in Iowa, northern Missouri, and Kansas.


Bear Archery

Bowhunting is my biggest outdoor passion, Whether it be for Elk, Whitetail, turkey, or what ever.

I am currently shooting the Bear Motive 7, and I love it. Especially since I took a 345” 7x7 bull elk with it!


Final Step Cover Scents

Final Step natural cover scent is a proud sponsor of Life’s Highway TV!

We use their products on our Whitetail hunts, and our elk hunts out west.



In search of a compact camera set up for my DIY elk hunts on horse back, I found the “Rib-Cage” set up by Back Bone.

It brings a whole new world for the GoPro camera lovers. It allows me to use any lens I want on a GoPro camera!



My mandolin I use on the road is a custom made Dearstone.

Ray Dearstone custom built this mandolin for me 10 years ago. It is a great instrument.

Check it out on my music videos!


Fourth Arrow Camera Arms

I am now using Fourth Arrow camera arms when filming for Life’s Highway TV.

As I get older, I am always looking for the best, lightest filming equipment!


Mossback Fish Attractor

We are sponsored by Mossback fish racks for manmade structure in some of our local lakes and ponds.

Mossback fish racks are the finest artificial structures you can use. They are compact, and easy to assemble and drop in your favorite lake or pond!

Watch Life’s Highway TV show to see us fishing over Mossback fish racks!

Website: www.mossbackrack.com

Green River Lake Crappie Trips

Crappie guide David Jones is a first class guide on Green River Lake near Columbia, KY.

We have filmed several shows with David and he always comes through with some great crappie fishing!



I do a lot of “self filming” for Life’s Highway TV.

I have engineered some special “set-ups” for Go Pro cameras unlike anyone else has.

You can spot some of these while watching our show. I use them on stage at my concerts and in the woods!


Lone Wolf Hunting Products

Whether I need a hang on stand with climbing sticks, or I’m on the move with a climber on my back, it's a Lone Wolf!

Website: www.lonewolfhuntingproducts.com