Laura’s Journey


Our good friend, Steve Nauman compiled the writings of his wife, Laura, written when she was bedfast with little hope of getting better.

She always kept a positive attitude regardless of her circumstances. Her faith, strength, and determination to help others even during those times will be inspiring for sure!

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Are you or someone you love experiencing a serious illness? Or going through difficult circumstances?

Laura’s Journey will encourage you and help you keep your eyes on Jesus through it all.

One of the top priorities in Laura Nauman’s life was to give God the glory in everything she did. During her time on earth, she battled two life-threatening illnesses. The second illness ended with her stepping into the arms of Jesus for eternity. Laura’s attitude and faith throughout all these years demonstrated her absolute belief that we can always trust God, in both sickness and health, and give Him glory.

Laura’s Journey is a compilation (done by her husband, Steve) of the devotions Laura wrote during her illnesses. These writings reflect her complete trust in Jesus no matter what her circumstances—and will encourage you to have that same kind of trust.

During the “miracle years” between diseases, Laura was active outdoors, exploring her love of nature. It was a fun time for her, evidenced by her dirt bikes, horses, and fishing and hunting gear. But her personal ministry also expanded as she taught the after-school Bible clubs. One of Laura’s “students,” who is now a young adult, recently made this comment: “The thing that made Laura such a great teacher was that we all knew she loved us.”

Laura mirrored the kind of selfless love described in 1 Corinthians 13. Every time Laura shared her personal testimony, she concluded with this challenge: “We’re here on earth for one reason, and that is to serve Christ.”

To God Be the Glory.


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