Would You Like Me To Sing At Your Church Or Event?

Singing At Your Church

What I Can Share At Your Church

I can sing anywhere from a few songs to an seventy-five minute concert.

Which Is Best For You?

If you (or your Church) is interested, there's two types of dates you can schedule me for.

Schedule Me For A Specific Date

Know when you would like me to come? Call or email and we can discuss the dates. All our scheduling is done in-house so when you call you'll speak to either myself or Theresa.

Schedule Me Based On My Travel Schedule

If I'm coming through your area, want me to swing by? Schedule me by adding yourself (or your Church) to our list. Then when we see we'll be close by, we'll notify you in advance and work out the details.

To schedule, simply call or email me.

Call: (419) 938-3155

Singing & Speaking At Your Wild Game Event

My show, “Life’s Highway TV,” has given me the opportunity to share the Gospel in many ways, through my music, my testimony, and my outdoor adventures.

Over the years, many men have made first-time decisions for Jesus or have re-dedicated their lives to Him.​

I’ve been asked to speak and sing at outdoors and wild game events. Some of which include:

  • ​Wild Game Dinners
  • Men’s Outdoor Banquets
  • Sportsmen’s Banquets
  • Men’s Night Out

When people come to these events, they come together to share their stories and interests with others about their love of the outdoors.

What I Can Share At Your Wild Game Event:

  1. A concert where I sing about 6 songs
  2. A video highlighting some recent hunts
  3. Several tips for more successful hunts
  4. The Gospel where I compare hunting to life

Like Me To Come To Your Church?

Send me a message using the button below or call (419) 938-3155.