Idaho Elk

My buddy, John Austin, called and invited me to join him for an elk hunt in Idaho. This was my first elk hunt in this state and it was awesome! I want to return to Idaho someday.

Crappies Night & Day

Matt, Grant, and Nora joined me on my home lake for some great crappy fishing. We brought our lights and fished to nearly midnight and had a blast! This was our first time to fish on the boat at night.

On the Move Elk Hunts

My elk hunting buddy, Rick Browning, and I head for the rocky mountains once again with our horses in tow in search of elk. This is our 13th time to take our own horses out west to elk hunt.

Crappies and Wipers

My nephew, Wyatt White, and his son Grant start out catching some nice crappies. Then our friend, Tad Elliot, and his son Titus head out with us on Matt’s boat in search of some elusive crappies. That day they were elusive! But we didn’t give up. Matt noticed some fish hitting the top of the water and we ended up bringing 40 wipers home!

Old Town Kayak for Crappies

I meet my brother, Kevin, and his son Canaan at a lake we have never fished before. I caught three of the biggest crappies I’ve ever caught. There were some surprises to this lake, though! Then I take the old town kayak on a solo trip in the backwater and catch a nice bunch of fish!

Searching for Big Crappies

I’ve got some great friends from out of state fishing my home lake for big crappies. When my buddies come to Ohio to fish with me we always have a great time!

Crappies on the Home Lake

I start out fishing alone on my home lake in Ohio. Later I’m joined by my cousin, Paul Spencer, who fishes with me often. As usual I’ll be singing some of my favorite songs.

Crappie, Perch, and Saugeye

This episode finds us fishing for three different species and showing the different techniques it takes for each one!