West Virginia Squirrel Hunting

In This Episode:

West Virginians are great "storytellers" of true life experiences, and just funny stories.

Ernie Nelson and I hang out for a day in the squirrel woods and Ernie shares some of his stories, and we get a few squirrels too!

Ernie shares how, when, and where the squirrels can be found in relation tho the mast that is available from over 60 years experience!

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    Album: Grass Covered Tracks

  • Freda Glosson says:

    I’m a night owl and always looking for something I enjoy listening to while I’m awake. Your site just happened to catch my eye with a song, that was it!!! I’m an ex W.Va old lady that’s also an ex squirrel gal. I enjoyed it fully, to the max! Will definetly be back tonight for another round and see which CD’S I can’t live without. God be with you and your family.

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