Each Strand Of “Silk!”


Steve Nauman

There are different ways of learning things, such as reading about something-which is the main thing I first did when it came to my favorite hobby, gardening! Then of course we have to do more than read about something, we have to start (at least in my case,) experimenting with the things we have learned. 

I’m sure there are some, perhaps many who would not get any personal joy or satisfaction from working the soil-improving it, and seeing the payoff in a better crop of vegetables. But I do. I even have my wife Ruth loving the benefits of growing our own food, and it’s something we can do together!

What do you look forward to most in your life?  Some can’t wait until summer to have fun at the beach! Or maybe you’re looking forward to a vacation in the mountains….. hunting season….. your favorite type of fishing….. golfing…… or other sport. Or like many, it’s a family trip! 
We should all have things we enjoy and look forward to!  John 10:10b (NLT): “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

One of the most rewarding and fun things I’ve experimented with and grown over the last twenty years is popcorn! I first read everything I could find about growing popcorn and the requirements of the plant itself. Since I grow everything organically, I also had to learn about ‘cover crops’ that would feed next years crop-as I planned to rotate crops.

Once you start learning about something, if you’re truly honest with yourself, you soon realize you have a lot to learn! And even after 20 years of it….. I still have a lot to learn! But the driving force behind this one particular crop was pretty simple I love popcorn!  There was constantly more to learn and soil to improve. I became fascinated by the 110-120 day life cycle of the popcorn plant! (You’re probably right-it doesn’t take that much to fascinate me!) 

What I enjoyed witnessing most of all, was seeing the Creator’s hand clearly evident in every stalk of corn….. For instance: did you know that every ear of corn- not just popcorn, but also sweet corn and field corn, all have an even number of rows? It always does! And what about that pesky silk that you work so hard to get off your sweet corn? Well….. if it wasn’t for the silk, the cob would be empty!  Each strand of silk, if pollinated, will be the start of one kernel of corn on that cob!

If we are paying attention and looking for it, we will find God’s fingerprint in all of creation, and it’s amazing! Learn from it…. Enjoy it!

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 NASB

Till Next Time…..

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